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Bullet® Filter + NSF Drinking Tap Bundle Series

TOMAL Bullet® Series filter custom system is an innovative product of Singapore which is fabricated with the highest quality filter membranes sourced from around the world. We have carefully evaluated and incorporated filter membranes mainly from USA, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Tomal 4 Bullet Series has 5 stages of smart filtration:

  1. Sediment cartridge which is the first line of defence against impurities in water pipes to remove sediment and particles.
  2. Activated carbon cartridge in the second stage which removes chlorine.
  3. Ultra-fine membrane (UF) filter cartridge which helps to remove finer particles and chemicals in the water including bacteria, parasites, and pesticides. The advance technology of UF membrane product has an outer layer of anti-bacterial material to ensure purest water is produced.
  4. Hybrid Alkaline cartridge adds back the necessary anti-oxidant minerals needed for a healthy body. The water pH is now refined to a mild alkaline level of 7.8 – 8.8 pH range which is essential for the body. The hybrid layer of carbon which was implemented only by Tomal is made in Japan. It allows more absorption of chemicals and toxins that may be present in dirty water pipes, and after filtration, it ensures the water is rich in minerals and is sweeter in taste.

Want to drink quality water without the use of


NSF Drinking Tap is your solution. This tap is uniquely designed to be easily installed on the kitchen top and is easily connected to the Tomal under sink filters. You will be able to dispense Tomal’s premium pure drinking water.  Its lead-free interior body design ensures quality water to be dispensed safely.

If you have a young baby in the family, we would recommend the alkaline filter to be switched out for a UF membrane or an extra carbon to remove chlorine. Once the baby grows older and is needing more minerals in the water, the filters can then be changed to an alkaline anti-oxidant mineral filter.

Also, if you have an older apartment and water pipes may not be so clean, and water may have a foul smell or odour,  we would customise a filter that could involve a double carbon to rid off any toxic material that could be present in the water.

As the filters are designed to have long life span. The first change would likely only happen 12-14 months. It can filter up to 10,000 litres of water easily.

Affordable refill bundles are available here. Join us as a member to get life time privileges and discounts.


2 Filters :  18cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H) , 1.6 KG

3 Filters : 26cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H),  2.4 KG

4 Filters : 30cm(L) X 8cm (B) X 32 cm (H),  2.6 KG

*Refer to Image for NSF Tap dimension*

Water Pressure (Max.): 125 PSI/ 8.3 BAR
Flow Rate: 1.0 gpm/ 3.785 lpm at 35PSI/2.32 BAR Temperature Ratings: 4°C/40°F to 70°C/158°F

Installations: Connected under the sink to any drinking tap, coffee machine, ice machine , refrigerator, water  dispenser etc. Price includes delivery and simple installation. If you need advise on installation please feel free to call 6702 3075.

Product of Singapore with best sourced materials.

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