Asset Finesse Board Game



  • Encourage the pursuit of financial literacy
  • Introduce basic money management concepts
  • Simulate real life situations related to one’s financial planning
  • Introduce basic investment products and the risks involved in investing.

Key Takeaways

  • It is a fun and interactive way to learn about finance, investment and basic money management concepts
  • The players learn to make decisions and manage their finances to survive the volatility of the economy
  • They learn to work as a team to achieve specific financial goals
    • Each team is given a different target
    • Each team works in collaboration to drive the direction, strategies and goals
  • It stretches the players’ minds and promotes critical and analytical thinking
    • The players pick up skills on how to cope and deal under pressure

They learn how to come up with different strategies to achieve their targets


ASSET FINESSE™ (AF) is for anyone who hopes to gain a deeper understanding of Singapore’s economy and endeavours to learn more about the world of finance in a fun and interactive manner.

Singapore has adopted unique policies, enabling her to thrive even as a country with limiting circumstances. Through the AF board game, players will be introduced to common assets in Singapore and the various characteristics of each Asset. Assets under the AF boardgame include Stocks, Bonds, CPF, Properties, Unit Trusts, Insurance and Businesses.

This game also seeks to equip players with investment pointers that can potentially prevent him or her from falling prey to investment scams and find out what constitute illegal practices in Singapore. Players can learn basic accounting treatments and will grasp the importance of insurance when making sound financial decisions. In addition, the game will simulate market behaviours and various financial calamities. This serves to shape the mental model of players before they attempt to deal with real-life challenges that arise from the unpredictable nature of economic cycles.

The Commercial and Domestic cards are designed in such a way that allows players to exercise creativity and finesse as they aim to create their own financial advantage and be the first to achieve a set of financial objectives.

In a nutshell, AF is a game that mimics the financial journey of a Singaporean. The main objective is for the player to be financially free by accumulating a predetermined level of net assets, while fulfilling certain conditions. Ultimately, it aims to evoke a desire in participants to attain real financial freedom.

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