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Imagine yourself back in your childhood days. It’s Chinese New Year and you’re about to head out to visit your relatives (or friends for our non-Chinese friends). Now remember how you felt when you started eating the CNY goodies. The warmth of family and the closeness of kin. That’s the nostalgia every bite of our Almond Cookies brings back – the days of our youth in all its innocence.
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SOFLLE was started as a tribute to my mom’s years of traditional cooking and premium baking recipes. For the past 25 years she ran a central bakery in Singapore producing absolutely delicious bakes from our commercial bakery.

Fast forward to 2020, we have taken the next steps in bringing our extremely addictive cookies directly to our customer.

We are extremely selective of our ingredients (We selectively import a number of our ingredients from small towns around Europe), and we take great pride in what we produce.

Short write-up

Soflle is the 2nd generation of specialised in traditional authentic handmade Asian cookies since 1996. Their signature bake is none other than the traditional recipe Pineapple tarts. They have since expand their variety of cookies.

Flour, Oil, Sugar, Almond, Eggs

Purchase $100 and above free delivery.

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