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My story in this book is written in two languages: English and Chinese.

42 reviews for Pre order Vivian book (BED-RIDDEN AND UNSTOPPABLE)

  1. Carson Goh

    You are such an inspiration. May all who read your book and know about you be inspired to take some action in their own lives. God bless you Vivian.

  2. Carson Goh


  3. Juliana

    A very inspirational book written by an amazing human being

  4. Ellen

    Hi, Vivian,
    Thank you for sharing with us your story. You are amazing. Do you have a e-book version? (your next project -smile, smile – ?)
    I have a friend who is in his 20s and paralyzed from neck down due to his climbing accident. Thank God that he is still in very good spirit, and using voice to dictate typing and doing his computer study now. Thoughts of both of you – who else can complain about lives if you can be so positive !

    God bless,

  5. Geri Tan

    Truly inspiring! Well done Vivian and mom!

  6. Davis Koh

    Vivian’s book is so inspiring and easy to read. I was so into her book till I finish reading it within a night. Keep up tenacious attitude and can do spirit! Jiayou Vivian! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 And thank you to my good friend Ken Ong for buying the book for me.

  7. Ken Ong

    Inspiring and refreshing perspective. Strongly encourage anyone to read it.

    Specially love the part in the book where Vivian’s friend (Jasmine) described her patience with people as a “natural extension of her patience with the world. It is a graceful acceptance of the hand that we’re dealt with in this life. It is like a tree that grows in the very place where the seed germinated. A tree cannot change its environment, it simply holds on to what it can and grows. As it grows, the environment is changed because of it. Her patience has made her resilient, and because of her, our lives are changed.”

    Highly recommended to read this book!

  8. Lorraine P.

    I received this book from a colleague as a Christmas gift and it is truly a good read. Vivian has put forth and shares her life story, teaching us that wallowing in self-pity isn’t realistic. However, through choosing how we cope with that suffering and the meaning we ascribe to it, we retain the ability to move forward with renewed purpose. I’m reminded of what’s more important in life. Thank you.

  9. Fion

    I was triggered when i knew of her story. I think i was thinking of ways to show meaningful support to help support her business.

  10. Fion

    Very resouceful and commercial minded. Thumbs up!

  11. Pei Pei

    This is the life story of a warrior in our midst. Vivian shows us what it means to have an indomitable spirit. She overcame the odds to accomplish what many of us can only dream of achieving – such as writing this autobiography. She chose to be happy instead of wallowing in self pity. If you need words of encouragement when you are feeling down, this is one book that will inspire you again and again.

  12. Eleanor Teh

    Wonderful and inspiring book. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Vivian. May God’s blessings be upon you, your mother and all your friends and family.

  13. Deyna

    I teared when I read page 5 (English section), touched by God’s love for Vivian and her mom Ivy. Vivian and her mom’s story inspires me to be a better person, to think positively with can-do spirit and attitude. Really enjoyed this book and appreciate that Vivian has written her story to share with us.

  14. Chua Zhi Cheng, Max

    Vivian is a very patient lady and she updated me the status of delivery of her book to my mailing address. Her actions allow me to understand from other’s viewpoint [ rather than my own stance ] & I learn from her, even before reading her book.

    I teared up by page 7 and this sentence below struck me hard:

    [ “What can I do with what I already have “ ]
    Again, throughout the book, Vivian had taught me & readers to be grateful, thankful and helpful and one will be blessed by others who are willing to help.

    Life is full of giving and receiving.

    In this book,
    Vivian’s mother, Ivy, nurtures Vivian and takes great care of her and I am energized by their bonding.

    Vivian is tube-fed, yet she has absolute positivity in life and is always learning and acquiring new skills and knowledge.

    I am very committed to meet Vivian in person in the near future, and be PERMANENTLY infected by her laughter, cheerfulness, positivity, resolute and resilience about life.

    Thank You Vivian and happy belated birthday.
    13th May Is also my great friend’s birthday!

    This is a GREAT book and MUST read.

  15. Marcus

    Vivian is a true inspiration. I finished the book on the day I received it and throughout this book, I am amazed at the resilience Vivian showed. Despite the many health and physical obstacles faced, Vivian has shown no bitterness and in fact has led life with a vigor that most others have not been able to achieve!

    Thank you for bring an inspiration!

  16. Joel Siew

    A thoughtful book of hope, inspiration and encouragement. Reading this book has certainly brightened my day.

    Vivian has shown that despite one’s circumstances, one should not give up but to make the best of it. An awesome and amazing attitude to life.

  17. Sandhya Venkatesh

    Vivian, you are an inspiration. Despite the difficulties your family and you went through, you did not give up. Your book gives hope and courage to those who are facing challenges and find it difficult to cope. You have a clear and beautiful message “no matter what, do not give up, keep going and live life to the fullest”. For many this might seem to be just another message. But your book shows how you have adhered to this message and living life to the fullest. You have shown that despiate the odds one facees, one has the choice to make a decision to find solution rather than give in. I would like specially mention about your mother, whose rock solid support has been so crucial. Your book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for hope, courage and inspiration.

    I wish your mother and you continued good health. Keep rocking, Vivian.

  18. Lee

    It is an awesome book.
    It will be a great encouragement and inspiration to many.
    Everyone should read this book.
    God bless you Vivian and your Mum.

  19. KL

    This book is really about Vivian and her mother, 2 very amazing persons who continue to greet each day’s challenges with their most positive attitudes.
    I am both humbled and inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Pia KR

    Very interesting and inspiring story.
    Thank you for sharing this story.
    God bless you Vivian.

  21. Tanya Ramchand

    Very well written! Hope you write more books and continue your passion!
    Best wishes to you!

  22. May Chng

    An inspiring book about resilience, positivity, and, above all, love. Vivian and her mother stood in the storm together, and when the wind decided not to blow in their direction, they adjusted her sail. “If I can do it, so can you,” Vivian said. A good reminder to us that when life throws us a curveball, we can choose to lament fate and be bitter about it, or we can choose to live it to the fullest within our reach. A positive mindset gives you control over your circumstances rather than allowing your circumstances to control you. I admire Vivian’s unstoppable determination to live a fulfilling life, as well as her mother’s unshakable and unconditional love and sacrifice for Vivian. To Vivian and her mother, thank you for sharing a piece of both your life with us and, most importantly, for reminding us that there is always Love and Hope.

  23. Sunny

    Vivian’s friendliness shines through in her writing – she writes like she is having a heart-to-heart conversation with her reader, be it in English or in Chinese (the book reads in both languages). It is humbling to read her story, and heartening to learn from her book that so many guardian angels have supported her. Strongly recommend to anyone keen to be inspired by Vivian, while supporting her entrepreneurial spirit.

  24. Janice

    Highly recommended! Easy to read and will surely bless and touch you.

    Thank you Vivian for sharing your life with us. Thank you for showing me what it means to live by faith and not by sight, and how our lives are measured beyond what is deemed by others.

  25. Louise

    Excellent customer service. As I was buying the book from Hong Kong, we encountered difficulties in finding my address. However, Vivian was very patient and helpful and in the end, we managed to ship the book to the correct address! In addition, I was surprised to find out that the book came in both English and Chinese! (I missed the description box when I was ordering the book), so I think this book is great for value! I can also share it with my family and friends easily. Lastly, the book was extremely inspiring. I discovered that there is a section at the end of the book which allows the reader to write down their thoughts and to do some self reflection. Thank you so much vivian for sharing your life story with us + helping us become better / stronger / happier people in our lives.

  26. Natalie

    I think this is very inspiring and can teach everybody that anything is possible and we should not give up despite the number of challenges we face. And it makes me very happy to know that there are really many many kind and helpful people in the world. Great book!

  27. JL

    Vivian is such a inspirational and amazing author. Deeply touched by her experience and her can-do attitude. It makes me cherish and be content and grateful for many things i took for granted. Looking forward to your next book! And do consider perhaps selling e-version to reach a wider audiences. I am sure your life experience will inspired many around the world too! All the best!

  28. Munwai

    The book is well written with lovely pictures. I really enjoy it. Thank you Vivian for sharing your story, it is inspiring and has good life lessons.

  29. Gin

    Thank you Vivian for sharing your story and indeed we should learn to be content and be happy with what we have. Also inspired by your can-do-it attitude. I wish you and your mother good health, best wishes and thank you!

  30. Angie Tan

    Vivian’s book is just like her – a shining light to the world. She is beyond inspiring – she actually puts many able-bodied person to shame with her enthusiasm for life and indeed, her many accomplishments.

    I first knew about Vivian’s story from a Chinese TV programme but I could not locate her website then. Earlier this year, I came across Vivian and her book being featured on Straits Times. I decided I must read her book. (

    Vivian’s faith in God’s provisions for her and her family is a testament to the love she experienced. It is difficult to understand how she could have such a heart of gratitude and not be bitter despite her circumstances – this is faith in its purest.

    I will always remember the gems of wisdom from her book which was written simply but powerfully:
    1.Know that we are loved by God.
    2. Reframe our perspective by asking “what can I do with what I already have?”
    3. Be curious and persevere in learning – there are no limits to what we can learn.
    4. If you can’t do A, don’t get fixated. Do B.
    5. It is more blessed to give than to receive – find a purpose and serving others is the most fulfilling thing you can do.

    Thanks Vivian, for showing us that being grateful, joyful and spreading love in this world is a matter of choice!

  31. Carmen

    Vivian showed us how we can overcome all adversities and appreciate what we have/can do. Truly inspiring and reminder to self, to treasure what we have.

  32. Joyce

    The material quality of the book is good, it is bilingual too. Vivian’s story reminds me that her will, her positive attitude and her mother’s unconditional love – all added up makes physical limitation is not a deterrence in life. I feel encouraged and inspired after reading the books, instead of complaining about how unfair is the life and harping on what we do not have, why not learn from Vivian – focus on what we have and live it up with positive attitude and passion.

  33. Elaine Teo

    Hi Vivian, I finished reading your book. Thank you for writing this book. Recently my life reached rock bottom when I found out my husband had multiple affairs and I am left to take care of my young daughter on my own. Undergoing divorce is my greatest fear. However what you wrote on page 55 really resonated with me. If I keep fixating my mind on what he did, I’ll never be able to find my way out. Thank you for your enlightenment. I believe there is a purpose in my suffering and that is learn to love myself more and use my ability and resources to help those in need. Thank you Vivian!

  34. Min Lim

    I liked the fact that the book is in 2 languages – I especially liked reading the Chinese half – clear and easy to understand, for someone with very average Chinese reading standard. A compelling story, full of interesting anecdotes and testimony from friends, and packed with positivity. I wish it had been longer! And that it contained more elaboration for some of the stories, like the outings Vivian enjoyed. Perhaps in book 2?

  35. Fen

    This is the only book that my mum read from start to finish within a short span of time. Easy to read, engaging, inspiring are just some of the words that she used to describe her enjoyment of reading this book. I can’t agree more with her! Vivian and mum never say die attitude and relentless pursuit of living life to the fullest are inspirational.

  36. Yeo cc

    A great book to read ! Very inspiring and useful tips sharing to overcome all life challenges and defy the odds.

    I would strongly recommened this book to everyone.

  37. Sofia

    I like her spirit and tenacity in overcoming adversities. I strongly recommend you to buy her book. She is an epitome of the unbeatable spirit!

  38. Deborah Ong

    The moment i picked up this book and started reading, I did not want to put it down. Completed reading the book in two days. Awesome read! Vivien’s never say die attitude is admirable. She and her mum’s openness and positivity towards what life has dealt them is something I can learn from. Stubbornly living life fully no matter what and not giving up because of failure or setbacks. Vivien and her mum’s patience and perseverance really put me to shame. I will recommend my friends to read Vivien’s book and draw strength and encouragement from it too. Thank you Vivian for your openness and courage to share your experiences.

  39. Kelvin

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Every single character is a hero / role model to me.

  40. Ong Sim Ho

    What an inspiring story of courage, wisdom and of love. Thank you for sharing your story with us. This book should be read by everyone who finds this world without hope. They will be convinced otherwise.

  41. Nilkoeg

    A very inspiring read, thank you Vivian for sharing your amazing story with us! I really admire the grit and tenacity of you and your mum! 💪

  42. Yee

    “Don’t magnify (the) problem, choose to find a solution”. A tenacious lady who is positive in life. The book is very easy to read, and the contents are uplifting. Good stuff!

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