I was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy since 2 & half years old. This condition led me to be totally bedridden and fully dependent on my mom, a single parent. My mom is unable to go to work as she has to take care of me To date, we are reliant on charity.

Barring my physical condition, I always have the mindset that whatever others can do, I can do too. Besides learning English & Chinese/Mandarin on my own; over the years, I have also picked up computer skills. I am able to use 2 fingers to move the mouse on my own. Recently I am blessed with Eyegaze, a communication and control system for my computer. It made working on my computer much easier. I observed that many people are earning a living, by marketing products online. I decided to do the same.

My dream is to be financially independent & to support my awesome mom. Your purchases would be much appreciated as it would help me forge towards my dream. Kindly share my page & urge your friends to buy their gifts here.

Thank you!